Shewolf’s Directory of Wimmin’s Lands and Lesbian Communities


In case you haven’t already figured this out, I did this web site myself and I am no expert at this. I keep typing the same thing over cause I can’t find it myself. I keep putting the copy in the wrong place and hope someone sees this and orders correctly from it. The Directory is in its 6th edition and is a fantastic bargain I must say. For just $16.00 you can order a 96 page newly written book mailed to any address in the USA with lots of great information. It contains over 100 places where lesbians have gathered to form community. There are 5 articles by great writers about the last 40 years of the landyke movement and the Directory also contains a well researched page of Resources of Interest to Lesbians.


Shewolf’s Directory of Wimminlands and Lesbian Communities

<em>Shewolf’s Directory of Wimmin’s Lands and Lesbian Communities  in its new 6th edition, a 96 page book, is available again for just #16.00 postage paid by sending check or money order directly to JRB (put nothing else on the pay-to line) at P.O. Box 1515 Melrose, Fl 32666 with your clear mailing address. A book will be mailed directly to you in plain envelope the next day. 


Enjoy the information and the writings of over 100 wimmin in all the lands where lesbians have gone to escape the patriarchy to some extent. Learn more about the Landyke movement of the past 40 years which continues today in full force. Learn what the wimmin are doing and where and why. Know more about your current world out there away from the main stream and how it connects with you. Know more about the healing arts of our communities, our causes, our foods, our ways of saving the planet, our lives, our personals, etc. Have it all written and in your hands to see whenever you feel like reading interesting articles by wimmin doing it and see where over 100 communities of lesbians on the land exist. Now !!


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How to Order Shewolf’s Directory of Wimmin’s Lands and Lesbian Communities

It is simple !! For a copy of Shewolf’s Directory of Wimmin’s Lands and LESBIAN communities, a 96 page new, 6th edition send $16.00 for one copy mailed to an address in the USA.

Send to P.O. Box 1515, Melrose, Florida 32666 and make check to JRB ;

    do not

write anything else on the pay-to line. Your book will be mailed to you the next day and should arrive in 3 to 5 days. You will love it. A great gift for a good friend, too; especially if you or your friend are interested in knowing where the wimmin have gone to establish communities away from the patriachy today. The current edition, the 6th, is a newly written book with all new content.